Georgiana's Ancestors
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John & Mary McIntyre
Revolutionary War Cemetery, Salem, NY
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John McIntyre (1770-1846) married Mary Safford (1775-1855) in Preston, CT in 1793.
They were Georgiana's paternal great-great-grandparents. Their daughter Sarah
(1799-1864) married Lewis Chamberlin (1801-1880). Sarah & Lewis' child, Lucy Jane (1826-1903)
married John C. Williamson. (see their gravestones here).
Lewis Chamberlin's father was Andrew Chamberlin (See below)

Andrew Chamberlin
Revolutionary War Cemetery, Salem, NY
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Cemetery Entrance
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Chamberlin Vault
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Chamberlin Vault Detail

Andrew Chamberlin (b. 1776) married Elizabeth Hageman (b. after 1776) in 1822.
They too, were Georgiana's paternal great-great-grandparents.
The detail lintel on their family burial vault includes the name John Savage,
a name that so far does not seem to be part of the family.
We don't know yet who is buried inside.

Thanks to Diane Mercure and Nancy Zapletal for all the cemetery photos

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