Georgiana's Family
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Alexander & Elisabeth Powell - Johnnie & Mary Williamson
Evergreen Cemetery, Salem, NY
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Alexander & Elisabeth
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Johnnie & Mary Ann
Alexander Powell (1825-1901) and Elisabeth Flack (1828-1905) were Georgiana's maternal
grandparents. Their daughter Mary Ann (1855-1940) married William John (Johnnie) Williamson
(1850-1915). Johnnie & Mary had four children - Georgiana, Almon, Harry and Jennie. From 1899 on,
Harvey mentions their family constantly - they were together much of the time, it seems.

Sarah & Oscar Chapman
Evergreen Cemetery, Salem, NY
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Sarah & Oscar
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Sarah M. Powell (1850-1916) was Georgiana's aunt, daughter of Alexander & Elisabeth.
She married Oscar H. Chapman (1847-1935). Buried near them is a son, Alex (1871-1887).
He died as a teenager and his gravestone's poignant inscription is simply "We Loved Him"

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Almon David
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Jennie E.
(Morningside Cemetery
Hartford, NY)
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Harry Webster
Georgiana's brothers are buried here. Almon David & Harry Webster died within
ten days of each other in August 1893. Harry (1882-1893) was 10 years old,
his gravestone reads "Gone, but not forgotten." Ten days later, Almon (1893) died
at 2 months of age, his gravestone reads "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven."

Her sister Jennie Elizabeth (1874-1942) and Jennie's children Harry (1894-1911),
Dorothy G. (1906), and Merritt P. (1900-1953) are buried in Hartford, NY.
Another son, Willard, is buried in Syracuse, NY.
(Jennie's gravestone has an incorrect year of her birth)
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