Argyle Photos

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Mike Huggins has given us permission to post these photos

Mike says of the cannon photo "...from the hand-written notation...was taken
in August 1900. I think it is of the "Argyle" cannon - the one now at the Argyle
Legion Hall (without the wheels)."
Of the lake scene, he says "According to Harvey's journal for 1900, there was a big
Argyle town picnic at Summit (Tinkey's) Lake on August 14, 1900. I think this
was taken around that time (other photos in the collection of the Lake are dated
August 14, 1900; others simply say Aug. 1900)."

Mike has other Argyle photos posted with the Washington County website.
Follow the links below, and see if you recognize any of the people and places!
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Revised July 3, 2002