David & Ellen Williamson
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Prospect Hill Cemetery, Argyle, NY
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The Family Monument
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David Williamson (1828-1893) was Harvey's uncle, the brother of his father James
(1825-1889), married to Ellen Butts (1848-1903). The monument has 4 side panels
which name David, Ellen and two of their children who died young -
Cora Leona (1874-1893) and Albert (1861-1877). Harvey was close to this family
and mentions the various members often in his Journals .

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The two stones in front of the large monument
are those of another son, Norman (1867-1920)
and his wife, Charlotte Kennedy (1878-1946)

Other small stones to the left and right
of the monument also belong to this family.

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Front Panel

Norman and Charlotte's son Lawrence (1899-1963)
and his wife Lenora Kathryn Ackley (1912-1957)
are buried nearby.

Other family gravesites will be added
as they are located.

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Rear Panel

William Williamson
Prospect Hill Cemetery, Argyle, NY
William Williamson (1818-1856) was Harvey's uncle, the brother of his father James
(1825-1889), married first to Catherine (?), then to Nancy (?). Three of William & Catherine's
children - John S. (1841-1874), Mary J. (1849-1919), and Glenroy (1844-1922) - are buried
here, as is Glenroy's wife, Josephine McDougall (1845-1922). Another daughter, Hannah E. (1843-1864)
is buried elsewhere, as are William & Nancy's children, William James (b.1852) and Theodore (1854-1861).

John S.
Mary J.

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