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Harvey and Georgiana Powell Williamson
and their children

Prospect Hill Cemetery, Argyle, NY
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J. Howard

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Roscoe H.
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Harvey & Georgiana
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Harry Oliver

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Harold J.
Harvey (1862-1927) and Georgiana (1878-1952) were married October 26, 1893.
They had 12 children, and 275 descendants (258 living) as of July 2001.
Many of these descendants come from around the country for the annual summer reunion.

Four of their sons died young - J. Howard (1894-1895) died of infantum cholera,
Roscoe H. (1897-1916) died after being kicked by a horse, Harold J. (1906-1923) died
after being struck by a barn timber, and Harry Oliver (1914-1932) died of appendicitis.
Their first daughter, Ruby Anne (1896-1917), died in childbirth, leaving 2 sons.

Their other children all grew to have families of their own.
Marjory Isabel (1908-1974) and Mary Elizabeth (1912-2000) are buried here.
Hazel Irene (1905-1988) is buried in the Morningside Cemetery in Hartford, NY.
Marion Daisy (1901-1969) is buried in the Mettowee Valley Cemetery, Granville, NY.
Their respective family burials will be noted on another page.
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Hazel Irene
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Ruby Anne
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Marjory Isabel
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Marion Daisy
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Mary Elizabeth
Harvey's Journals describe approximately 50 years of daily life on a small farm
in Argyle, NY. As we read about family members and neighbors who lived 100 years ago,
they become real people instead of long-dead names on gravestones. He writes about his
work as a farmer and a schoolteacher, the local communities & countryside, and weather
conditions. We see his stoic sadness as he writes of misfortunes, illnesses and deaths,
and his pleasure at the happy occasions.

There are more of Harvey's journals to transcribe, and some writings from Georgiana.
They will be posted as they are completed, allowing the whole family to enjoy
the legacy Harvey & Georgiana have left for us.

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