(This article first appeared in Volume 157, Number 627
(July 2003 issue) of The New England Historical and Genealogical Register)

Martha (Ruggles) Curtis,
daughter of Benjamin and Dorcas (Whiting) Ruggles
of New Braintree, Massachusetts

by Steven T. Beckwith and H. Allen Curtis

The Importance of Thomas Dudley's Seal in the Discovery of his Paternal Ancestry
by H. Allen Curtis

Family Pages
Harvey & Georgiana Williamson
(Descendant of Thomas Smith) Harry B. Smith (Husband of Ruby Williamson)
Smith Family Website

Yates Family Tree

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Niedergal Descendants List

Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

Dodge/Balch Cemetery, Colburn Road, New Boston, NH

New Boston Cemetery, Cemetery Road, New Boston, NH

Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Old Hill Graveyard, Pillsbury Road, Londonderry, NH

Valley Cemetery, Pillsbury Road, Londonderry, NH

Chester Village Cemetery, Route 102, Chester, NH

Washington County, New York
Old Adamsville Cemetery, Route 196, Adamsville, NY

New Adamsville Cemetery (Story Farm), Route 43, Adamsville, NY

Old Belcher Yard (Carey Cemetery), Crosier Road, Belcher, NY

Salem, NY Cemetery Transcriptions

(courtesy of Bancroft Library)

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