The Williamson Family

Middle - Roscoe w/Harry Oliver, Hazel, James, Georgiana, Marjory, Harold, Ruby
Back - Marion, Harvey   Front - John C., Mary Elizabeth
Missing - J. Howard (deceased), Florence (not yet born)

New Photos Added July 2004
Antique Farm Equipment
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Ruby's Postcard Collection

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Harvey & Georgiana's Children

The Williamson Family (by Lois Kilmer)
(from the book Argyle, My Argyle)

  The Cahans Exodus    The Mayflower Connection    
  Georgiana's Ancestors     Harvey's Ancestors  
Harvey and Georgiana's Ahnentafel Chart

Salem Area Cemetery Listings              Glossary of Old Diseases

  Harvey's Journals 

From the time he was 11, Harvey kept records of his daily activities.
After his death, family members continued keeping these journals.
Diane Mercure has finished transcribing all the journals found so far,
covering most of the years from 1874 - 1936.

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